About us

Hello friends! My name is Jeffrey Wyskiel and I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife, our black cat, Star, and our puppy, Julie Moon. We put joy, excitement, and hard work into our little company everyday. We hope to garner a community of fellow nerds and/or collectors in which suggestions, comments, and concerns are met with respect and a sense of urgency. We started this business after we began to collect Dark Crystal funko pops and the rest is history.

You may ask yourself, "What makes you different?" Well, we found something wrong with many of those companies you buy Funko pops from. Their shipping. Are you tired of pops thrown in a box with out consideration? Our shipping is the best. There is a protector, sorter, or enough filler and padding for the pop to be safe. We take extra care because we know that it's important to you.